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Founder & Investor – Anoop Mathur

Anoop Mathur

Indian first generation entrepreneur with over 17+ years experience in Corporate & Enterprise market with successful branded ICT events to his credit within enterprise eco-system.

Through his extensive professional experience in the Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, BPO & IT Enabled Services business verticals, he has held senior positions with leading global organizations such as Prudential, Capita, ICICI OneSource, and United Healthcare.

A brand specialist positions technology startups, products and services as strong and effective brands in the collective minds of CIOs and ICT Decision Makers. His vision is to help technology Startups create global brands that have a positive effect on the bottom line.

He is a Six Sigma Professional and a Licentiate from the Insurance Institute of India and is also, currently the President at Centre of Recognition & Excellence www.cio-choice.com