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Why B2B Branding is Important in ICT space?

Everyone knows & understands that it is the Brand that drives the profits. A B2B ICT Brand is successful when CIOs ask for it by its Brand name, the name CIOs use when talking about the product to its peers and when CIOs think of the brand rather than the product – A Brand which has developed a personality beyond the product, a Brand for which CIOs would pay a premium and no other alternative.

A Brand has grown to mean much more than a logo. We have seen that as with consumers, CIOs procurement decisions too tend to be a lot less value-driven than marketers like to think. Like consumers, professional CIOs use the ICT vendor’s brand reputation as a sounding board that reduces risk and simplifies the evaluation process.

Strong ICT brands will reflect in these preferential CIOs actions:

  • Greater willingness by CIOs to try the product or service
  • Less time CIOs take to close the sale of an offering
  • Greater likelihood that the product or service is purchased by the CIO
  • CIOs willingness to award a larger share of purchase requirement
  • CIOs willingness to pay a price premium
  • Less sensitive in regard to price increases by CIOs
  • Less inducement to CIO for trying a competitive offering

Every technology vendor has an ICT brand for their product or service, whether they like it or not. This applies to all technology B2B vendors, irrespective of their scale and size, be it small or large. By being strategic in how the vendor builds and shapes the ICT brand, they can unlock brand investment advantages to scale the business.

B2B 1K Ventures offers a highly facilitated brand investment capital that is designed to gain complete consensus with your board or management team and marketing leadership on the ICT brand’s growth with target CIOs. We work with you to develop your B2B technology brand’s position in its current marketplaces, while designing flexibility for its future growth. This includes identifying, analyzing and selecting the ICT vendor brand’s target CIOs, competitive frame of reference and key CIO benefits (functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive). B2B 1K Ventures investment also, ensures that your technology ICT brand has chosen the most powerful marketing benefits to scale the business exponentially.