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Equity Barter – Marketing Capital without Cash Investments

B2B 1K Ventures invests in early stage technology B2B companies, by providing branding and marketing services – for equity, not cash.

Early stage technology companies get benefited and enhance their business profits, cash flow and liquidity by using equity barter for marketing capital using B2B 1K Ventures. Equity barter for marketing capital helps in two ways for increasing cash flow – one increases sales growth with marketing & the other is to reduce marketing costs. Equity Barter for marketing capital is the most effective, though often underutilized, equity financing method of increasing internal revenue for growth. Equity financing not only decreases marketing spend, but increases revenue, and ultimately keeps your bottom line tight and trim leading to business growth.

What this equity barter for marketing capital means for you as an entrepreneur of early stage technology company in B2B space?

As an entrepreneur you know you’ve got a great IP or are a services company for Enterprise customers. You’ve successfully built a winning founders & core technology delivery team. You’ve worked hard to build a unique CIO marketing strategy. But let’s face it; your brand needs exposure with CIOs – your customers. Your sales teams need maximum exposure to enterprises with proper branding engagement, to potential CIOs, and to channels. But it’s difficult to deliver all that while you’re busy doing R&D with your products — especially when you’re also watching your cash flow. That’s where B2B 1K Ventures Equity Barter for marketing capital comes in. Your organization has access to CIO events, CIO advertising, CIO loyalty programs & CIOs access without impacting your cash reserves or cash flow. Your entire marketing function from creative to events is outsourced to B2B 1K Ventures team, while you maintain complete control over dollars spent and communications or branding content. All of this is achieved through an equity partnership that connects our success directly to you and your investor’s success.

Equity barter is an innovative funding concept for high-growth entrepreneurial companies in technology space. It is a barter scheme in which marketing credits provided by B2B 1K Ventures is traded against equity. Equity barter is a great idea for ICT vendor companies in enterprise space which are ready to scale through marketing but need their cash to finance their growth. With a zero fee in cash, a significant branding campaign can be realized of a size which normally only leading global MNC companies can afford. This can catapult entrepreneurial technology ventures into another league in terms of new CIO customers, brand recognition in CIOs minds and ultimately conversion.

Equity barter for marketing capital helps your organizations deliver profitable results so that you realize a faster return on your marketing investment. B2B 1K Ventures will provide access to Branding & Marketing resources without tapping critical early stage cash capital. By increasing branding & marketing resources, your company can increase its visibility and grow customers and revenue. This is achieved through a unique equity – marketing capital exchange that keeps valuable cash capital at work in the business for you. Equity barter for marketing capital is an alternative investment model which has succeeded in developed economies when VC capital is used other purposes than marketing. . The early stage companies receive marketing credits instead of paying cash for their equity. Equity barter for marketing funding fills a gap in funding which exists after a new company has spent its initial seed money, and hasn’t yet grown enough to do an IPO. The company uses the marketing credits to increase its customer base, thereby increasing the value of its equity shares.

B2B 1K Ventures has experience in Entrepreneurship, Angel Investing and Venture Capital Fund Management as well as Media Planning, Branding & Marketing Combined and made available to our portfolio companies Entrepreneurs.