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About Us

“Investments & Advisory”
“Besides Capital, the kind of tight mentoring engagement we endow with the entrepreneurs, literally can’t be bought just off the shelf. Our network of mentors, investors & CIOs is unparalleled in the ICT industry”

Our goal is to be the first source of funding for Marketing Capital, and to help the Technology Entrepreneurs “PASSIONATE DREAM” to become a reality in the B2B Enterprise space.

B2B 1K Ventures has worked & developed innovative finance models for the benefit of early stage technology entrepreneurs. Some startups may need only the 1st round of marketing capital & then can run very well with their internal cash accruals, while other startups may require several subsequent cash rounds. There is no perfect formula on how much capital your startup needs to raise! We provide marketing capital for selected highly scalable early stage technology companies in B2B space for growth by mapping with their finance requirements.

We work in the following deal categories for Technology B2B Startups:

  • Cash Capital for Equity
  • Marketing & Branding Capital for Equity
  • Consulting Work Engagement for Equity
  • Sales Back Office for Equity

Following steps are followed for the deals we work on:

  • Introduction Email
  • Share the Elevator Pitch
  • Detailed Request for Plan
  • Feedback & Rationalization of business plan
  • Negotiation with Due Diligence on Terms of Investment
  • Deal Closure with Term Sheet
  • Share Holder Agreements Sign Up
  • Money in the Investee Company Bank Account

It is really important for technology entrepreneurs to take an innovative approach with regards to Marketing & Branding finance. Most technology entrepreneurs fail to scale because of under financing. But the challenge isn’t lack of growth capital, its lack of imagination with financing needs. The approach to cash preservation and have the understanding to barter equity is all it takes to be scalable and thereby, successful.