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What We Do

Why connect with B2B 1K Ventures?

We work with only with technology start ups in B2B space creating the next generation of social apps, mobile products, data analytics, digital media and collaboration technologies. We empower our portfolio companies by bringing new thinking, new technologies, and a fresh approach with marketing & branding to today’s CIO problems. Our charter is to foster the next generation of technology startups by helping our portfolio companies develop strong market validation and achieve independent success.

Our engagement program is unique; a seed-stage program with continuous empowerment that includes funding help, a integrated advisory services, industry connects with CIOs, close market channel collaboration with a focus on global market validation.

At B2B 1K Ventures we help early stage technology startup companies identify their core assets or strengths, assess their outreach in the market with sizing, get their target audience excited & engage them in conversation for funding for next level of growth.

Our services include

  • Venture Booting
  • Idea Accelerator
  • Business Incubator