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Idea Accelerator

Idea Accelerator – Gain Velocity

B2B 1K Ventures primary aim is to activate Ideation Success for our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs whom we support and to earn a reputation as a long-term trusted partner. We apply creative momentum process of Generating, Developing, and Communicating existing & new ideas for validation in the relevant market.

“Organized thinking with structured processes”

Strong idea velocity can be gained in many forms, and involve many different techniques and approaches. Knowing which procedures to use for certain types of idea initiatives and problems can be a challenge. Some ideation process can be well suited for solving complex technical challenges, while others could be better suited for financial, aesthetic or form challenges.

This is the simplest method of Idea Accelerator where you have identified a valid problem and as a result, solving it. Evolutionary ideas you have derived from global cases, taking something that already exists and improving on it for India, thereby, creating targeted innovative idea opportunities with a direct path of discovery. This is often supported by intensive research in order to have a distinct and almost expected answer to the problem. A revolutionary breakthrough technology, away from traditional solutions, creates a brand new perspective with scale of economy & mass reach. Quantity breeds Quality. The assumption is that the greater the number of ideas generated and validated, the greater the chance of producing a radical and effective solution for emerging companies.

We work with a very simple but detailed approach of engagement to ensure that the idea is viable, scalable & acceptable to create a sustained exponential impact & experience. What? Where? When?… To start an intellectual discussion is the premise of B2B 1K Ventures. First we start with questioning of assumptions, then followed by opportunity redefining, supporting it with creative stimuli for wishful outcomes, applying probable possibilities to the identified problem, work on the idea with lateral semantic thinking, use visualization techniques or prototype working models to establish the idea and finally use theory of elimination to weed out the non performing idea opportunities.

We apply our analytical judgment for the feasibility of your current & new idea juggernaut. If opening up innovation and innovative ideas within your seed stage is an opportunity, how do you develop it at a scalable business level? We have found that the best way to do this is not to read a book or to listen to a lecture, but instead to engage in developing those ideas for business using B2B 1K Ventures mentor connects.

Idea accelerator facilitates founders, thinkers & innovators — step-by-step, activity-by-activity — while utilizing different business proposition options, to create and develop their own scalable ventures