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B2B 1K Ventures (Business to Business 1000 Ventures) announces a new milestone in the B2B technology startup ecosystem with its investments in its first portfolio company adStringO.
adStringO is World’s 1st Mobile and Web based Image Capture Compression Technology provider which enables organizations to release up to 96% of their existing storage capacity to achieve significant, permanent storage cost savings.

At B2B 1K Ventures we believe that there was a time when a good enterprise product by itself was enough for value creation for scale. In current context, the environment is quite different. Access to Social, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud technology with marketing capital has made it possible to reach global markets. With the infusion of investments in adStringO, it will be used for customer acquisition, branding & marketing. Founder & Investor Anoop Mathur of B2B 1K Ventures said “We strongly feel that adStringO will scale up very quickly in the Indian & Global markets. Their unique IP for compression with strong execution team makes them a worthy portfolio company”