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Venture Booting

Venture Booting – The Journey Begins

What are you working on?

As an early stage technology B2B company, you are tirelessly working to turn your dream and vision into a scalable business. But you understand that you can’t do it alone. Whether you need feedback on the business idea, help connecting with the right investors, or just want to better understand the current investment environment, Venture Booting within B2B 1K program can help YOU achieve it.

We help you with raising capital or managing capital as there is an increasing number of funding alternatives for ICT B2B emerging companies.

  • Angel Investment
  • Convertible Debt
  • Venture Banking Solutions
  • Asset Monetization
  • Bootstraping Business

The Funding Pitch

Requesting to pitch for raising funds from an unknown third party can be a lot like asking for a blind date. Venture Capitalists and Bankers are daily pitched by companies for funding. Investors rely on how you pitch your idea and match that to their past experiences to create a complete picture of the potential funding opportunity. Think carefully about your business, the proposition to the funding entity, and what makes your company truly extraordinary. Be ready with funding requirements with short term, medium term & long term mapped with your business milestones. Most essential will be how capital will be deployed to generate scalable business.


Valuation is the process of estimating what your company is worth. Understanding valuations from the venture investor’s perspective is crucial. Early stage investing is far from a predictable outcome.
Early-stage companies are more than often rejected by investors, not because they are not fundable ideas but are not able to articulate the positioning of their product, monetization of idea or go to market strategy. Valuations at the “seed stage” are generally driven by factors that are very subjective attributes. These include founders with core team culture, uniqueness of the idea, assessment of IP or patent, scalable time-to-market, expected path to profitability, estimated funding needs and burn rate, syndicate risk, sector volatility and deal structure.